Monday, May 9, 2011

Lego man thanks

I told you I could not find a Lego stamp anywhere so I carved one- yes- from an eraser- remember potato carving, eraser carving? Before rubber stamps were so popular when I could not find an image I used to carve it- pencil erasers in shape of little stars, hearts, flowers. Thank goodness for artist so I don't have to do this. I saw an image kind of like this on line that someone was selling but could not find it when I went to buy it so what was I to do? Bring out my old linoleum carving tools. Yep, I kept them. That's why my room is bursting at the seams. This is the final product but I wanted to show you the process.

This was an earlier version because I always try to do one layer but it doesn't always work out. I made the border using a Sizzix embossing folder- I think it is one of Tim Holtz' -that I thought looked Lego-ish and selective embossing technique using a template I made with 2 pieces of chipboard with the window in the center that I cut out to fit the picture I wanted. Sentiment is one from a set from a $1 stamps from M*chaels.

I drew the figure in pencil onto the eraser and then rough cut it- this is what it looked like initially.

Then I cleaned up the parts that still stamped that I did not want. Getting better.

I tried some color combos - Tyler told me to use these colors- very 'Lego'

Each minifigure comes with a wrapper and a folded peice of paper inside with all the lego figures in the series printed on it. I was able to cut out the Lego symbol and paste it over the body to make it more "official".

I want to make a Lego block stamp but that is a bit harder-making perfect circles- I will try this weekend maybe.

This is what happens when you have 3 boys in tow......I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tyler's 10th birthday party favors

I love my kids when they tell me 9PM the night before school that they need special treats for the class because it's their birthday- I had made up the birthday party favors and was planning for the party this weekend and had not thought to do something for the class- so this is what we made. Ran to the store - thank God they are open 24 hours now- made 36 chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting- all homemade mind you- given all these allergies in school, you have to know exactly what you are sending off. Sprinkles and a toothpick with Airplane from PTI Valentine treats and Tyler Rocks- that's what he wanted it to say- from Simple Alphabet also from PTI stamped on copy paper and adhered to the toothpick using sticky tape. I kept the back side of the tape unpeeled so it would not be sticky and it worked great, colored in green and orange like he wanted and cute little treats made in 3 hours.

He wanted to give out lego minifigures for his birthday treats so we got Lego- I mean building block- candy- some little doodad toys, erasers and we made these bags using SU Fancy Favor Die- I swear I use this everytime- it is just a perfect size for party favors. stamped his name- premade somewhere- sentiment also from simple alphabet from PTI. I wanted a Lego stamp but could not find one ANYWHERE so I used Calvin and Hobbs dancing on the back from Stamp Happy that I got eons ago. It is just so Tyler.