Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gingerbread house mouse

I did research as a medical student with little mice and rats for cure for Parkinson's disease and I loved my little mice- I would take them home and named them Olga, Bart and Nadia among others- I was big into gymnastics then and the sweet mice were such little athletes- I really adored them- so how can I not love the house mice? I had this one for a long time and as I am cleaning up my Christmas stuff- all strewn about my room, I came upon this and given the gingerbread house theme seemed appropriate. I got 3 whole days off!

Hard to see the dimension and the sparkles on it so here is an angled close up view. If anyone out there knows how to capture the sparkle in a photo I would sure appreciate learning how.

Happy Holidays!

Gingerbread House Challenge

Mercedes Weber posted a challenge to create a gingerbread house card here and I kept dreaming about it- I didn't get to make a real gingerbread house so this is fairly traditional. We need more people to post to this- it is so cute and we could do this for other occasions- check out the house that Cheryl made- it is absolutely adorable- I have to vote for her- but I had so much fun doing this- the gingerbread man is an old SU set and he pops out of the upstairs window- Most of the decorations were done using punches and SU DSP and circle punches and markers and it is very 3D. Snow with white liquid applique and dazzling diamonds and lots of stickles. Can you tell I like my gingerbread house over the top? The card is so glittery and pretty in real life- I can't quite capture the sparkle on camera- Oh well- hope you like it!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A gift for Helen and X-mas card prep

Helen is a friend of mine who has been working with me since Tyler was born and taking classes from me for eons- I wanted to make her a special gift for the holidays so here it is.

I got the tins at the oriental trading company with inserts (one insert will be enough for many many tins). as the handle does not separate I made a template (by trial and error) the shape of the lid and the approximate slit I would have to make to fit the handle through (you make slits that resembles a capital I) then ran the paper through the xyron to get it really sticky and put it on- other alternatives include using mod podge or other glues and it seals it and gives you more play time and move the paper around a bit but I like to really STICK IT DOWN and fast so I just find that xyron works best for me.

I took another piece and wrapped it around the tin- the bottom is the reverse side of the same double sided paper- It's already a matching set so no thinking involved- LOVE IT! I did come to the front and cut the closure opening with a sharp blade as I stuck it down- I have made a template for this and played with it. This project requires 2- 12x12 sheets to cover it as you will need 2 strips to go around the body. (try to keep the seams on the side) Try to peel just a little of the sticky strip backing before you place it down otherwise you have a big sticky paper sticking to everything. I sticky stripped a 5/8 red grosgrain ribbon and place a square gem in the middle- from Martha of course at Michaels- It has really clear nice quality crystals for projects like this that you want to keep for a while and definitely worth the price.

I used extra paper to cover the inserts and used the round tab punch to make labels. There is celebrate, thank you and birthdays- I figure that's what most people use cards for. I laminated the whole thing to make it extra sturdy with my Xyron and then punched wholes and put eyelets to make the tabs extra sturdy. I put a bunch of different cards I have been making along the way in a variety I hope she finds useful. She really works hard for me and I really appreciate her friendship.

Another altered project- hope you like it. It can be decorated to suit any theme or personal preference. I've made one for my dearest friend and soul sister Julia, mom, sister Chris and brother Pete and for my family I made them pick the paper and it really surprised me what they picked and liked but now all I have to do is send them a pack of cards to refresh their stash every year. It's a great gift idea and I get to do what I love which is make the cards and I don't feel that I need to hoard them (as much) and get them to people who will actually put them to good use instead of them collecting dust in my "Card Museaum" as Julia puts it. It's win win.

For those of you wondering why I have not been blogging as much - here's a little peak at my dining table right now. Yes, it is the day before Christmas- no it will not make it out on today's mail- I only got a handful out so far- I think it will be after New Year before I get the rest of them out- I'll show you the inside after the New year when I know it will not be a surprise for the folks on the list.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love You Much Bundle Cards

One cool thing about being a SU demo is that you get to order stamps from the company before it becomes available to anyone else. But SU is offering it to public starting December 23rd. Check it out and you can order it on line at my SU website. It's 20% off to boot until end of January. I LOVE this set and the paper Candy Lane Designer series paper and the heart to heart punch that comes with it.
First card was done using the heart to heart punch with the different Candy lane designer papers and 1 3/8" square punch with chocolate chip and pink pirouette CS over riding hood red onto the pink cardbase. Stamp the birds in basic brown. Really simple.
Second card is even simpler. Stamp Love in white craft ink and then highlight the flower with white gel pen and then punch the hearts then with a line drawn with the gel pen and hand draw a little tie image on top and then glue th various hearts down.
Could not be simpler.
The last card is my favorite. Use versamark to stamp the small hearts on the right side then cut 2x 1" from the coordinating Candy Lane paper and lay them down until it pleases you and glue down. The heart is done same as the notecube I showed before. ridinghood red on pink pirouette CS then color in with white gel pen and 2 way glue pen and dazzling diamonds to add a sparkle and use dimensional to adhere. Stamp the sentiment on a scrap of whisper white CS and cut out as shown and adhere with dimensionals as well. Thanks for looking!
Only 5 days until Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Gifts

In this world of ready made gifts I really want to give something hand made to those I appreciate. The most precious gift you can give someone I believe is that of your time and effort. My kids have the best teachers and every year I want to show them how much I appreciate them so here are some things I made for them.

These are some personalized cards in what I hope are colors they like.

They are 4 1/4 and 5 1/2 cards cuttlebugged with the polka dot embossing folder then 1 1/2 inch strip of whisper white CS edge punched with the SU scallop border punch then topped with 1inch strip of decorative paper from DCWV. I put their initials in my Just Rite Stamper and punched it out with 1 3/4 inch circle punch and used dimensionals to attach. A set of 8 makes a lovely gift, I hope!

This is the purple version- although it looks more blue here.

6 more days to Christmas!

Happy Birthday Card

Yes, today is my birthday- it has been so hectic with work and holiday potlucks, cardmaking and gift shopping that I have not had time to enjoy the season at all-let alone my birthday- and it's like this every year- but I got home and found this card in the mail from my mother and it instantly cheered me up. Isn't it lovely? I love how she used the round tab punch and border punch to make the container for the flowers. There is a center of sparkles in each flower. There is so much dimension to this card. I am so happy- I am going to just revel in this moment.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Missus Santa Box

Here's the Missus santa box as promised.

She is made from just one box so the front and back is double the Santa Pant legs.

here's the how to:

Take a 4 1/4 x 8 " red CS and score at 1/2, 1 3/4, 4 1/4, and 5 1/2 and the bottom across at 1 1/4" to match the Santa Pants. Cut out the solid lines and score at dotted lines.

as shown here on the left and fold into a box and use sticky strip to tape down. You do not want the box to fall apart using less expensive glues here!

Use Scallop Circle #2 die to make the large scallop and cut to size and score - whatever you find pleasing to make the apron part. Use a scallop circle punch to make the bib part.

You want to stickly strip down the bib part first, then tape down the apron. Take 2 3/8 inch strips from a 8 1/2 inch wide paper- You won't need the whole length - I just took a whole sheet and started to cut strips that's all. Use stickly strips on ends.

Tape down the strips onto the bib and back- I like the back to be in the center and overlap the two strips to mimic the old fashioned aprons like this.

tape a white taffeta ribbon around as a belt and tie a separate ribbon and tape down using glue dot to make a neat ribbon..

Use the heart to heart punch to punch some heart using the Candy Lane DS paper. and tape down as desired to accent.

My little finished Missus box. Isn't she sweet?
only 9 days until Christmas!
Let me know what you think of this!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Pants

This is the how to on the Santa Pants on the right.

I saw something like this at my LSS where they were selling this "kit" and I thought I can figure this out so here is my version. This is using a quarter sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 CS but can be adjusted to any size you need. It is basically your 2-4-6-8 box in a smaller version. It's just that you need 2 of it- one for each leg.

Take a quarter sheet of paper 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and score at 1/2, 1 3/4, 3, 4 1/4 as shown, the score the bottom across at 1 1/4 inches- Just make the bottom scoring whatever the width of the box would be. Cut the silver marked lines and cut out that little 1/2 x 1 1/4 corner if you wish. You will need 2 of these in real red CS. ( I used white here to better show you the numbers and scoring lines) Fold into 2 boxes.
For the santa's pant cuffs, I thought of using felt and other dimensional fabric but I wanted to keep it totally SU so I did faux suede technique here.

Another crimper use- take a 3/4 " strip of whisper white CS and run it through the crimper a bunch of times until the fibers separate and then peel back to reveal the softer suede like center.

like this. If it separates unevenly, try separating from a different corner.

Tape the faux suede onto the bottom of the pant leg boxes and tape the 2 boxes together to make the actual pants. Try to put the seams on the inside to make it nice and neat.

For the belt I used a 3/4 inch strip of brushed silver CS. I drew 2 horizontal lines about 1/8 inch from the edge then put a line every 1 inch increment to separate out each buckle then put shorter lines about 1/4 inch from the edge. It seems like a lot of work but try to punch out the small slots with a small piece of paper- IMPOSSIBLE! It is much easier to have a long strip you can slide in to punch the holes in the buckle evenly as shown. For the last two left on the striip, punch holes on both sides

before cuttings the two buckles apart. Now you have the buckle.
Take a 8 1/2 inch wide black CS and cut a 3/8 inch black strip. Run the black strip through the belt buckle as shown on the sample and tape down as shown.

take 8 1/2 wide paper and cut 3/8 inch strips in red for the suspenders and place 2 sticky strips on either end as shown.

Tape the red strips in the front on either side of the buckle straight up.

then angle the strip and tape down in the back to create the criss cross in the back as shown.

Finished pants. Fill with Hershey's kisses or other goodies- candy canes, etc. You can use larger paper - half sheet and score at 2-4-6-8 and bottom at 2 inches to make a bigger box or use a whole sheet- score 1/2 inch to tape down- that leaves you 10 1/2 inches, divide by 4 - so 2 5/8 on each side and across the bottom. This makes for a really cute center piece. Finally all my math skills coming in to full glory!
I will do the Missus Santa tutorial tomorrow.
I am too wiped to think....

Santa and Missus side by side from the front.

Santa and the Missus their backsides showing.
Only 10 days until Christmas!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Easy Peasy Gift Card Holder

I needed a quick giftcard holder and I CASED a Christmas card designed by our local stamping royalty Mercedes Weber- check out her new blog at

She has a contest right now to decorate a gingerbreadhouse template for the gingerbread man. If you see that beautiful jar she made for the local stamping group swap, I was the lucky gal who got to take it home.

Here's the how to for the gift card holder. In different cardstock color to show you it can be done for any occasion. Take a 4 1/4 x 11" CS and score at the center to make a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card- Your basic A2 size- score 3 1/2 inches from both ends. Valley fold the outside score lines and mountain fold the middle score line.

If you have difficulty punching a straight line, you could draw a line with a pencil before you punch it out.

Use the word window punch to punch out the slot where the gift card will go in the middle fold as shown below.

Sticky strip the 3 sides of the punched hole as shown using 1/4 inch sticky strip and glue the sides above and below the punched hole together.

This is what the inside looks like after it is taped closed with the gift card in the hole.

Decorate the outside as desired- For this blue giftcard holder I used baja blue CS and whisper white- stamped with baja blue ink- then sentiment punched out using large oval punch- the edges are sponged with same color ink. Tape down the 5/8 striped grosgrain ribbon. It has a nice texture so even with just one tie it will stay in place without actually making a knot so it is easy to open for the recipient and the gift card is really secure as you can see in the first picture. This gift card was inside my little beautiful jar that Mercedes made so I got 2 gifts that night. Thanks girlfriend!

11 days to Christmas!
I am still not even close to finishing my Christmas cards- I think either it will not go out or it may be more like New Years day cards.......


Snowflake Card

I love free stuff- on the back of every designer series paper pack there is this extra thick cardstock that is used to ship the paper that is perfectly white instead of the kraft color that most companies use to pack their papers. I used my snowflake #2 die from Stampin' Up and used the 2 way glue pen to apply the glue and dazzling diamond all over and it is really sparkly IRL although a little hard to see on this picture. The base is ridinghood red CS with a ski slope DD paper and kiwi diecut with top note and stamped in artichoke with Winter Post stampset. punch hole in center of snowflake and top note and put a circle ice crystal brad in center- here is green one but hard to tell that it is a crsytal. This was one of my make and takes at my workshop yesterday and surprisingly was the easiest of all the projects. Could easily be mass produced if you needed a quick Holiday card.
12 days until Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notepad and pen gift set

This is a notepad and pen set that I made for last year's Christmas gifts- updated with Love you Bunch set for this year. I did not have a blog and was new to Splitcoast Stampers (SCS) and when I posted it on line a lot of people asked how it was done and as I was a newbie to the electronic world I was only able to describe what I did in words- but here it is step by step picture tutorial for you all.

The size of the paper will depend on the size of the cube- here I am using a 3x 3 size note cube so my measurements follow that size.

Take a 8x8 ridinghood red CS and put it diagonally on the scor-pal with the top and bottom on the 6" mark- which is the exact center. Because my cube is 3x3 I scored 1 1/2 in from either side from the center so at 1 1/2, 3, and at 4 1/2 and on the right 7 1/2, 9, and at 10 1/2. If your cube is bigger or smaller use 1/2 the width of the cube to figure out which increments you need to score on either side.

Turn the CS 1/4 turn so your score lines that you just made are now going across left to right.
This is a little tricky but shift your point from the center score line about 1/8 inch as shown on the left and then score again on the right at 7 1/2, 9, and at 10 1/2- (so that the box is a little bigger on this side), shift the CS then 1/8 to the right of the 6 inch mark then score again on the left 1 1/2, 3, and at 4 1/2 (so the box base will be 3x 3 1/4.

You should have a box kind of like this now. One side of the box will be a tad bigger than the other side.

Cut the corners in like this. This is done because I am obsessive compulsive and like my corners to have no raw edges when all folded.

along the shorter side use 1 1/4 circle punch to punch a half circle after you fold the edge over.

This is what the box will look like after you punch it out and fold the box in and tape it down. Fold up the shorter sides up first and tape down. then fold over the longer side as shown with sticky tape- very important- you do not want your box to fall apart!

You may have to trim a little of the corner on the side that the 1/2 circle is punched because it shows through your punched circle.
The edge of your box will be nice and neat-as shown on the left if you do it this way.
The cube will fit nice and snug- you need the 1/4 inch leeway on one side so that the bulk of the folded cardstock will fit inside the box.

take a 1/2 DD paper - here is Candy Lane from the Love You Bunch bundle special. It will be a little short at 12 inches. Tape it as shown with the gap in the front- it will be hidden by the accent element.

Stamp the scalloped image from Love You Bunch Set onto pink pirouette CS and punch out with the 1 1/4 circle- I trimmed it a bit more to follow the image.

Color with blender pen with ridinghood red as shown.

Attach with dimensional as shown. This is cute as is if you want to keep it for yourself but as a gift you want to do a little more.

Add a belly band with 1" chocolate chip CS and sticky tape down followed by 3/4 inch DD paper- here coordinated Candy Lane paper.

Stamp the heart image from Love You Bunch set onto Pink Pirouette CS with ridinghood red ink then white gel pen to accent some of the flowers. Add Dazzling diamond Glitter with 2 way glue pen and attach with dimensionals.

Take a RSVP pen and take out the pen part- take a 3/4 x 3 1/4 inch strip of same DD Candy Lane paper - use the pen to roll it tight and replace inside.

Put the cube inside a acetate bag and tie ribbon- here ridinghood red striped and tie pen onto gift.
This is for a Christmas gift swap for my local stamping group. I hope they like it!
15 days to Christmas!