Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Capitola

Every Labor Day for the last several years we've been trekking over to Capitola for their annual Begonia Festival. It is a weekend with family and friends and there is so much for the kids to do.

The kids will stay in the water from sunup to sundown if we would let them. Sandcastle building and truck racing to chasing the waves keeps them busy from breakfast to dinner with lunch to be had only on the beach, lest they lose a minute of the sun.

We've been meeting up with another family with 2 boys Scotty and Sammy and it's kind of funny that it's now 5 boys in tow and it doesn't seem any harder than 3. It's a little easier that they entertain and play with each other.

This is the annual Nautical parade with the float building and this is the winner with the Capitola Takes Flight theme- it had the airplane going up and down with snoopy at the wheel.
Another float of a pirate whip had its mast so high that it almost did not make it under the bridge from the other side to qualify to win even.

This one had wheels that turned and there was a "when pigs fly" float that crashed into another float and the whole thing flipped over-it was quite a site to see grown women and men try to turn it back.

This barge had some gorgeous women dressed in costumes from Thailand. there was a pelican with its mouth full of fish that the kids found later and got inside to take pictures- only to find out that one of the neighbors of the builder was my patient- How funny we ran into each other all these miles away in someone else's backyard at that very time.

This is me and my handsome hubby enjoying the spectacle.

They also had a sandcastle building contest and this was one of my favorites- again, when pigs fly- with the builders pictured on top.

and the rear view of the "swine Flew" heh heh heh.

One of the things they had for the kids was painting the boardwalk with the chalks. The other kids were there just goofing around or having but Tyler got down to business of doing some serious work and if you look at the very top picture of this post you will see the pier he was drawing. It is hard to see it clearly at this angle but he did a great job.

My little buddying artist...growing up so fast... sigh.

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