Sunday, December 13, 2009

My mom's card

My mom who lives in Florida, is an avid crafter and she called me one day and said that she wanted to see if I could find her this stamp with a butterfly in the middle of a box from Stampin' Up- I knew exactly what she meant because it was one of my favorites from the past-Ageless Adornments! I said. I searched high and low all over my room but alas! I could not find it. I was REALLY distressed. Even with all my "crap" I usually know where everything is for the most part. But I could not find it. I had NO idea what happened to it and felt really bad that I lost it somehow.
So when one of the local stores were having a used stamp sale I was on a mission and you know what? they happened to have this set on sale used and I snatched it up. I called her and told her of my great happiness at having found this set and held it for her to give her at her visit.
So here she comes and unpacks her suitcase and I am so excited to give her the set and she says- "you know I found it after I called you- I guess you let me borrow it!"
And this is the card she made for me from the set- It is so pretty I can ALMOST forgive her for putting me through the stampin' wringer all that time.
At least I have my own set back now....

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