Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Treats

It's that time of the year again! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it is time to make 63 valentine's treats for 3 classes- I had to make it not too difficult so here it is. Little valentine posies. There are specialized dies to make just these kind of things but of course I do not have any so I used my old Island floral die to make these but any large flower die would work.

I punched a larger hole in the center to fit the tootsie pop I wanted to use. I cut through one of the leaves and petal between so I could roll it up a bit to make it more dimensional. I even used the stylus and a mouse pad to add some leaf lines as you can see.

after I put the lollypop in the center then I used some tape to overlap one of the petals.

I overlapped the petal fully to make a 4 petal flower.

The leaf petals were only overlapped about 1/2 to make an asymmetrical leaf as shown.

This is what the completed flower set looks like. Easy peasy flowers.

When I was at the local M*chael's - with generous gift cards I received for Christmas, I saw these ribbons for 50% off and I had to have them. 4 yards for a buck- not bad! I cut off each happy valentine's day and punched a hole with my cropadile to pierce it and threaded the lollypop bottom as shown on the right.

I wanted to add a tag so that my kids would have to write the names of the recipient so I used this retired stamp that matched the tag punche in red to make easy tags. Originally I had added the tag with linen thread but my kids had a hard time tying it- they are supposed to make their own valentines- so I used the modern label punch and 1/4 inch circle punch to make a tie the way like those bread ties. I just cut through with scissors and it stayed on the lollypop reasonably well. It does shred after the while so I would have the kids sign it in the back and put it on at the end.

and here it is. My kids are having a ball making these- I hope you do too.


valita said...

i love how you altered the tag very ingenious :) Valita

Highland Monkey's said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It would also work as an anniversary present.

-Susan- said...

These sucker-flowers are darling! What I really got excited about is your tag, using the modern tag punch. Soooo clever!!! Love your blog!! Will check back often