Monday, September 24, 2012

Batty Purse

Stampin Up used to have a contest in their monthly magazine and this was one of several entries that was made by Missy Roeber from Utah that won.  Because there were no directions, this is what I did.

Take a black purse diecut and emboss with the spider web embossing folder once- not embossing the top part. Use the left over paper from the purse to punch out 2 large ovals about 2/3 of the oval. I then used a 1/2 inch circle punch punched out scallop bottoms of the wings.   Using the petite pennent builder punch
out 2 black pennants for the ears.  Cirlc punch 3/4 inch white carstock for the eye and 2 more 1/2 inch circles in black for the pupils.  Pennant punch 2 more to make the fangs- with enough room on the triangle to tape it under the ourse cover. Add the handles with the mini brads and it is all done.  Add some sparkle to the eye with the uniball Signo gel pen.

Fill with candy of your choice and give it to someone you like to say a Batty Hello!


Anonymous said...

super cute!!!!!!

Chris said...