Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hermelinda's birdcage RAK

I was leaving out of town and met up with Hermelinda on the way out of town and she surprised me with the most delicate and  beautiful thing ever.  It is a birdcage made out of 4 birdcage diecuts , lined with soft pink vellum paper with the bird and stem from Bird Builder punch on each of the sides with soft green and blue vellum and decorated on the top with this gorgeous flower in the same soft pink vellum and leaves made from the bird punch in the green and a butterfly on the other side in blue, all tied together holding a beautiful little key.  She even had it so that one of the sides without the bird would open by sliding the string with the key- genius!   I held it all the way afraid it will get crushed and then had to fight the kids clamoring to get the candies inside until I could at least take a picture of it.  I had it hanging from the lamp arm at my hotel for the whole trip just admiring it. I think it embodies why I love this craft so much.  Creativity at its finest.   The colors are absolutely gorgeous.  I keep saying this to her but seriously, you are amazing and I am honored that you have chosen to be my friend.   I think you need to start a blog to show all your creative works!!!!

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Pat Jandacek said...

That is a prize/gift....well-deserved, I'm sure.