Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A masculine Chalk Talk

 I wanted to make a masculine background so took a night of navy CS, embossed it with houndstooth EF after braying some black ink onto one of the sides and this is what came out-  (Warning: wash out the folder right away with black ink as it will permanently stain it if you leave it out overnight....) I punched the large oval in the embossed paper .  I originally stamped the sentiment in the black oval but it came out crooked so I just stamped a piece of scrap Vanilla CS with the sentiment and punched it out and laid it in the hole and it looked a lot better.  Wrap a piece of natural trim around to the front . 
Now the button is made from the button & blossoms simply pressed mold using the nautral clay color which is white.  I tried a whole bunch of different buttons but none of it "felt right".  I took this white one, and using the side of the brush end of the marker, just colored it in leaving it to touch just the elevated edges and it left this stitch like accent in white which I just loved.  Because it is paperclay, you can color, emboss, whatever you do to paper you can do to this.  Isn't it fabulous?    Now I am not going to worry about mixing in colors, and just make the buttons in the natural color and color it to the color I need when I need it!    I put the seambinding ribbon through 2 of the holes and tied it loosely and glued the whole thing down with gluedots which is really secure. 

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