Sunday, August 11, 2013

My favorite new product- Undefined - with Dylan's Doggy

 Dylan has had a little doggie blanket (stuffed head with body that is flat like a rug) that he got as a baby that he LOVES.  I mean he will wait outside the washer until he gets it back sort of love.  He draws these cute little picture of his Doggy and I had to use it to make a stamp using the new Undefined stamp making kit. 

It reminded me of how I used to carve erasers to make stamps years before all the new beautiful professional images came to being.  There are 2 tools included a narrow v shape cutting tool for details and a U shape for larger areas.  They are
 really well designed with comfort grips to minimize stress on my hands which I love.  It comes with one large rubber piece with wood mounting adhesive foam pad and 4 pieces of wood to mount after finish.

This is a picture of Doggy I had Dylan draw on a piece of paper with pencil.  I then took that image, put it on the rubber penciled side down and rubbed it to transfer the image.  It will be a mirror image but that is ok because when you stamp it will be a mirror image again.

After I carved it out, I stamped the image I carved using Staz-On onto the little wooden block that fit it.  and then mounted it on the wood. I did stamp it a couple of times on paper to make sure I got the image I liked.  I did have to shave a little here and there to get a better image.

Now I am thinking angrybirds, R2D2, my mind is going wonky over all the possibilities......

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