Monday, February 10, 2014

Burlap and Blooms Simply Created Wreath

 When I first saw this kit in the Occasion catalog, I thought "That's kind of cute" but when I actually SAW the weath at Leadership, I thought, "WOW, really CUTE!".  So, of course I had to try it and it was really easy and fun and some of the ideas from it I could take away to use for other cool things. 

The wreath is a cardboard form that you wrap with the burlap ribbon-  There is whole role to wrap it'  I just tucked it with some straight pins but you could use hot glue or some industrial tape.  The big petaled flowers were made from circles with a slit ( all diecut for you which made it super easy ) that I just put a dap of multomono liquid glue to make these gentle cones.  Layer then 3 around in layers until you get the full flower.  I used hot glue gun on some, dimensionals in others and they all wored fine.  Added a layer of gray- I did cut a fringe with my paper trimmers and then added a button on top with my glue dot and a really easy supercute flower.  They had 11 circles for each color flower. 
They also had these heavier cardstock pieces that had sticky strip on 2 ends.  You peel one and stick it together as shown on the middle piece and then pull the other sticky strip and start to roll the flower to make the puffy mum like flowers.   With the new fringe scissors these are something I could try duplicating as well.  Such cool ideas.... Use more than one strip to make a bigger flower- all you have to do is just stick it on!

This is another one that was hard to see from the picture but they had diecut 6 petal flowers is 3 different sized that you layer and then add the pompom flower to the top-  I punched a hole in the center to have the pompom sit in a bit but a beautiful flower nevertheless. 

The whole effect is so pretty and now I see how each flower was done, I will use the technique I learned from this to make many more wreaths in the future-     You have a beautiful project for a cost no more than a movie and a drink now a days- and it took me less time to complete than it took my DH to take the kids to the new Lego movie.  I think I got the better end of the deal.....

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