Thursday, July 6, 2017

Margery's RAK

My DH said-"there is this card for you left on the doorstep" and gave me this envelope and this was what I found inside from my friend Margery.  Such a cute and fun card with the darling stethoscope in the middle surrounded by all the little band aids and pills.
I couldn't help but laugh at the sentiment.

There is actually some science to explain why small creative tasks might make people feel better. According to a new study, a little creativity each day can go a long way towards happiness and satisfaction in the bustle of daily life.

I would suggest that you do a little stamping everyday for better mental health!  Doctor's orders!

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R. Hill said...

I do stamp every day, and now I can tell everyone that it is indeed doctor recommended! Thank you for your great posts and wonderful ideas (not to mention free doctor's advice!)