Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Exchange Favors- Spellbinder hearts

I got notice- no candy this year- which with the cavity rates is really the way to go. So I made these pencil toppers for my boys to exchange with all their friends.

It was easy to do and we spent a little time this weekend signing their name to each of them.
This is Kyle holding his finished heart. He wanted ot stick the white heart on the red one so some of them are a little off center but still really sweet.

It was really easy to do with the Spellbinders heart dies. After I decided this was what I was going to do I panicked as I did not have the regular heart dies and the other punches I had did not really fit the scallop heart and I really liked this size. But I was able to find it in one of my local stampshops- my last stop of the day on Friday! Cut 2 slits a little less than an inch about 1/2 inch apart for the pencils to slide into and a strip of stickytape to secure to the pencil- otherwise I think the hearts would not stay secure in the hands of preschoolers and second graders.

This is what it should look like from the back with the pencil in- I got these Valentine ones at Target- they have such cute designs on them- frogs, dogs, XOXO etc and pretty cheap. Important when you have to make 50 of these for 3 classes!

This is Kyle signing every one of them nice and neat. Tyler was done in a jiffy and Dylan? well- he struggled a bit- could not make out the name after he wrote it so he ended up stamping his name on the cards and then signing "O." after his name since he can do a circle- kind of anyway.
We're going to have to practice writing a little more with him. Fine motor control is still an issue with him.

So here they are- all fifty signed and ready to go. I stamped the sentiments- Feb 14 from SU and the be my Valentine from a Meyer Francis clear set in red craft ink and then embossed with my scratch and sniff formula with unsweetened cherry Koolaid 1 part to 1 1/2 part clear embossing powder. I added some red fine glitter which I think was a mistake and they seem to want to flake off so I did not tell the kids that they were scratch and sniff - only SNIFF- Tyler said they look like flowers in their buckets- and you know they really do!

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