Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday invitations and Thank you for Dylan and Kyle

We had a blast at my boy's birthday party at a local park few weeks ago. We had a bicycle rodeo and everyone brought their bikes, and I provided decorative tinsel, tape, garland, rolls and rolls of crepe paper in all different colors and people had a ball. We followed this with a lady clown who came and did body painting- the kids loved the dragon, the sparkly unicorn for the girls and some balloon making that followed. We Had pizza delivered and then broke open a pinata, then had cake. This was all topped by a race around the park with those finishing getting a gold medal and a goody bag to follow and it really was a blast. This was the invitation that I made using real red CS and an old retired vellum from SU- (many seasons past) - used some star studded wire from local Mike's and had it printed from my home computer. Stamped and embossed the bicycle from PTI from Nichole Heady in red. The stamp was designed to use buttons and I tried it but it just seemed too fussy and I was really pressed for time so I used some glittery self adhesive paper in red and silver and it was so pretty and sparkly, I knew it was the ticket. I stamped the envelope with a burning wheel from a set I do not have name of company on- sorry! and it was a really easy super simple invitation that you can adapt for any occasion.

I also wanted to give out things that had our personal touch so I got bubbles in bottles, wrapped some hot wheel paper around it and stamped the label and names using a set from again PTI and gave one to everyone to play with at the party and it really filled some of the gap in time at the beginning while some people were still decorating their bikes.

This is the thank you card I made - that I made the kids sign - using the Just Riding set from SU and extreme elements for the stars and thank you kindly for the sentiment. I inked the stars using the bashful blue ink then again onto a glue pad then sprinkled on the glitter for that extra sparkle. the bike was inked in red then used the black marker to ink up the wheel, handle bar, pedal and seat. I did emboss the helmet for the accent piece.

All in all it was a great time- and for those of you who know my pet peeves- it was outside, physical, no arcade games, and minimal sweets. Tyler even asked on the way home, if he could have a part JUST LIKE THAT! If only I can guarantee no showers in April......



Stephanie said...

How fun! And good for you! We always had a bbq for my sons party with the kids just playing outside and having fun! My daughters was always a pool party--same idea- outside playing and not trying to keep up with or out do the jones's!

Auntie Chrissy said...

You are such an awesome MOM!

Miss you guys!