Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Big Change in Life

After 17 years working in my private practice I closed my doors this week. I know, I know, you're a doctor you must make gobs of money. right? With the cost of rent, utilities, office supplies, disability insurance, tax on property, premises, add payroll, and benefits- which I had to even suspend earlier this year and payments from insurance declining I had nothing to take home since this January- but I kept working 6 days a week to keep it alive - I had to, to keep it alive- it affected my family life- I was afraid that if I took vacation, I could not make enough to pay all the bills that month- So I decided to close my practice and rent 2 rooms and share overhead with a group of doctors. It was a hard decision not because my office will be smaller or that I will not be the boss, it was because the nine people who have worked with me all these years were all going to lose their jobs. It is really like family. But the practice was bleeding money and I had to stop it before I was so far into debt that I would jeopardize my home. Everyone cried on the last day. My mentor and part time partner, and father figure decided to just retire instead of moving with me.
For me it was so emotional, and he is such a private man, I just could not bring myself up to tell him how I felt, it was like -saying good bye to your Dad for the last time- kind of feeling. I was all choked up and all I could do was talk about the weather and some patients that I was concerned about- as if it was just another ordinary day. I felt like I had let him down that I just could not make this work and because of me he was being forced to retire. How do you put value on love, affection, respect, gratitude?

I still wanted to give him something special that I thought he would enjoy- I made this card to tell him some of the thing I could not bring myself to tell him lest I just totally lose it- He really likes to play golf so I thought it would be appropriate. I took a Bliss blue CS and die cut some clouds from MFT and papertrey. Placed some on dimensional to raise it up. The grass is garden green, punched along the top with the MS grass punch. I stamped Fore you from Stampen*ous clear set called Little things - a real oldie but a goodie- in black to peak behind the grass.
I had gotten some golf shaped pens at the dollar store a while back and it had a picture of a golf bag and the golf ball on the package so I cut it out. I wanted him to be able to use the pens so I did not want to glue it down so I tied it down with hemp twine- I punched 2 little holes into the green cardstock where I wanted to tie it down and put it through the back and tied it before I glued the green piece down sot the front would be nice and tidy. I did the same for the tee that I bought for a whole pack for a buck. I don't play myself so I don't know if these are any good for real playing but it's perfect for me to make cards. Added the golf ball cut out with several dimensionals to raise it to get it to the middle. I hope he likes it.


Valerie said...

Sorry to hear about your practice. You have done a great job on your card for your friend.

Mary said...

Hi Lynda,

Oh my! sorry to you had to close your practice. I can understand your concern for those who worked for and with you because you are very caring person. Good luck with your new endeavor. The card for your partner is great; I'm sure he'll appreciate it.