Thursday, September 2, 2010

Makani's spider card- embossing plastic packaging

Recycling should be my middle name. I have been one of those fanatical recyclers even cutting out the windows of envelopes to recycle the paper even before recycling was mandatory. Part of it was to save the environment for our future and part of it being frugal- there are such cool envelope liners, beautiful papers in advertisements, wonderful packagings.

Punches and embossing folders are reusable tools that make any paper something special. when I got some new embossing folders, they came with perfect clear plastic covers it would be really cool to emboss it and repurpose it. I mentioned this to Makani on one of our play dates and she embossed the spider web folder. It was too clear so she added some ink to make it pop out, stamped a retired SU background of spiders and diecut a really spooky spider and layered it with crystal effects to add a sheen. dangled a black hemp twine (reetired SU) and put it all together to create this creepy crawly card.

Here is the detail of the spider web. The embossing makes it kind of bow out making it more 3D which is kind of cool as well.

Here is the detail on the spider. This would be really creepy to find this on my wall or bed......Yecch!
Now, imagine this technique using bubble type design embossing folders on acetate like this to create water scene to put fish behind it to make an aquarium or something. I think it would be so COOL! I know you all have zillion clear plastic packaging that you are all tossing into the landfill. take some of it out and use it creatively!
Happy recycling!

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