Saturday, October 9, 2010


I now physically feeling the pressure from the last few months finally lift from me. The old office is completely closed- I turned in my key after spending 2 weekends from dawn to dusk, started at the new work- and the people have been super supportive, and my computer system maybe up and coming soon.
My parents flew in from Florida to watch my kids- which I really appreciate.
Life is Good.
And despite it all I wanted to make sure I held my monthly workshop for my loyal friends and customers. Stamping keeps me sane and a vital part of my mental health care. This is something I came up with to show faux letterpress technique although it was a bit messy. Base is basic black. I took the spider embossing folder and used the versamark to LIGHTLY ink the raised portion of the spider web. Embossed the paper, then into the impressed area I sprinkled some silver embossing powder, brushing off any excess.( you could use the brayer but do not press too hard or you will get a lot of silver on the non-web areas as well- although with the things on top it matters little.) (You could emboss with the folder, then wipe the versamark pad over the raised area then use the EP as a variation of this as well)
I punched an owl and a bat in basic grey, cut the bat in half and stuck the wings on the back to make the bat owl.
I started out with intention to make EEK but the letters were too big to fit. The BOO using all caps did not fit either. So I diecut the letter B from serif essentials, then took 1 1/4 inch circles and they fit the space better especially with the bat on top. I liked 3/4x15/16 oval punch from the holiday mini so I used that to punch the center of the circles- but it is much easier if you punch the small ovals first before you punch it out with the 1 1/4 circle punch.
Added a white circle from the itty bitty shape punch for the eyeballs and a fun little halloween card!
I sincerely appreciate all your encouraging words and support during these trying times.
Thank you all!

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paperpotter said...

Hi Lynda! I thought I would find an email address somewhere here to share my leprechaun owl with you? Your owls always made me laugh, so I was hoping to make YOU laugh for a change!