Thursday, October 28, 2010

witch's hat mini reese's candy holder

This was one of the projects we made at our last workshop. It is a little witch's hat treat that I cased from Stamping Moon
Take Wicked Fun DSP paper and use circle cutter to cut 3 5/8 inch circle, cut it into half (you get 2 hats out of one circle) and put sticky strip half way up on the straight end.

Put sticky strip pieces into individually wrapped MINI reese's peanut butter cups, stick the straight sideup and down on the candy with the candy and wrap the curved side around the candy and close with the sticky strip side - try to keep the top of the hat pointy.

Take the sticky strip cover off AFTER you wrap the cone and then peel and stick it in case you have to adjust the cone while you are forming it.
(My computer does weird things and I am not sure why my horizontal pictures keep getting loaded up vertically)

Use the dimensionals to attach the reeses to the 2 1/2 inch black circle- cut with either circle #2 die or the new large circle punch.

So here is the hat bare completed. You can finish it however you wish.

Here I used the black lace ribbon. It is slippery and hard to keep the ribbon down so I did use a little clear tape to keep the ribbon in place though.

Add bats, flowers, glitter, jewels, whatever you wish to decorate it and have fun.
Happy Halloween


Julie Ramirez said...

Thank you so much for posting "How to". I'm excited to view more recent posts.


DLC said...
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Donna Corsell said...

You are soo creative! It's amazing. I come on periodically to get ideas from you. I was checking out the Halloween ideas for Nicolina's PreK class. I am co-chair with another parent. I was thinking this would be so cute to make since Nicolina wants to be a witch :-) Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!