Wednesday, June 6, 2012

End of the School Year

The last week of the school year is the busiest time for me-  three kids with three different things going on daily, parties, class shows, gifts for the teachers and I alwas try to do something handmade.  When one of the class asked for someone to make something for the teacher besides the money collection they were doing I thought a scrapbook with each children drawing a page with a picture and a letter to the teacher would make a wonderful memorabilia. 

 I found this scrapbook from Ki Memories that had a metal case around it that I thought would make a nice gift for someone.  It was really a birthday album but I put gaffer tape from 7 Gypsies with the alphabet around it and thought it made it really modern and accented the front cover beautifully.
 I took a page from School Days DSP from DCWV and stamped sentiment from Teacher;s Apple from PTI on the inside cover- it madeit pop more with another layer of white around it. I then used the 12x12 version of the same DSP pack and put the entire class picture on it to start the album.
Then I put each of the kid's writings on one side.  (This is Kyle's page- I did not want to display other children's pages for privacy reasns)

Then the kid's picture and drawing on the other side.  Used Tmeless Type Junior set fron Stampin Up to create the letters of the child's name on each of the pages color coordinated to the page then accented with variety of school stickers I've amassed (this is the right word for this- 'collected' does not quite describe it)  over the years.   I did put some blank pages in the back in case the teacher had some pictures she wanted to put in the album for herself.  It took a long time to diecut all the letters in different colors and figure some things out.  Now I have to figure out some others gifts for the teachers.  Kyle's teacher had it especially tough this year so I owe her BIG!  I don't know how they do it- 20 some first graders in one room all day- It really takes the patience of a saint to be a teacher!    Hugs to you all!

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