Thursday, May 1, 2014

My punch storage drawers

 I have a small workroom that is packed with stuff and I like my punches close to me so I can access it easily and visible.  I have seen some solutions using curtain rods and shelves but I just have no wall space to do them.  These drawers were on sale at the local craft store for 50% off - it is self assembly but it did not take too long to put it together and they are stackable to boot.  I used wood glue to really secure the drawers because I knew the punches would be heavy and it has worked out really well. 
The new style of punches fit perfectly side by side - the smaller ones I can fit 3 across.  You can easily see what it is with the label up and how many each drawer can hold.  I have 2 drawers filled so far so glad this came with 4.  The only issue is when there is not enough punches to keep them upright. I sometimes will put a small box or something behind them to keep them upright.   I am keeping all the shapes in one drawer and holidays and others in another.  Even the tag punches fit standing up.   Maybe this is a compact solution that will work for some of you as well.  I've had this now for several years and I think it is the best solution for me!

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