Monday, May 5, 2014

The Rose Garden in April

 If you have some time this or next week, and live in the Bay Area, visit the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.  The place is an explosion of color this time of season with heady perfume of delicate roses that waft through the air, a treat for all your senses.

The entire garden is surrounded by climbing roses along the fence and inside a wide open field perfect for frisbee throwing or an impromptu picnic on blanket under a shade of a tree overlooking the whole garden.
This is Chris Lloyd with a sweet spicy scent of an old fashioned hybrid roses that I love.

Around the corner were some roses my kids thought was hilarious called Yabba Dabba Doo- but still pretty.

 There are volunteer gardeners keeping the place beautiful with arches of climbers, old and some starting.  Just a beautiful place a a photo-op... if I could get my kids to cooperate!

I am just so awed by the beauty of nature and all the blessings we receive every day, the clear blue sky and a gorgeous spring day, the company of friends, good health of family and yummy DQ sundae we stopped by eat afterwards!

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