Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 This is the Christmas pop-up box that I sent out this year.  I started with the box forms that I cut and scored during a trip. I made the tabs for the middle of the box and stamped the sentiment and colored it in during another trip with my new Blenderabilities that I had gotten.  I then stamped and punched all the trees and punched them out.  I knew I wanted to do a hanging ornament and I tried strings, ribbons then with diecuts and it was all too much and then I got the 25 Days set from the Holiday Catalog and at real size the ornament topper (day 11) was perfect size so I cut it and stamped it using versamark and embossed it using silver EP.  I used the Small scallop Stamping Trimmer rotary cutting blade to cut a strip of red glimmer paper and used 1/2 inch circle punch to punch out the ornament and voila!  2 inches by 1/2 inch strips of white glimmer paper to imitate box ribbons.  I was pulling my hair out putting snail individually until I realized how easy it was to use transfer adhesive sheets!  I used less than 2 sheets to adhere all the strips for 98 cards so bargain to boot.
 The thing that took the longest was trying to get a decent picture of the kids- I finally ended up having to bride them and the whole time Dylan was asking- why do you want me to hold this stupid red paper for? when I asked him to pose this way- he finally got it when he saw the card all assembled...  Cutting them out took a lot of watching of Masterpiece Mysteries then rewinding a lot because I couldn't pay attention and cut out the darn fingers on Tyler- Next time, keep the fingers together!

The backside has our only reasonable family picture I could find.  Notice the little red bag on my side- it was our cute little bag from convention!  It was the perfect little travel bag holding my phone, camera, ID a little money and the room key with a map! That bag  has gone everywhere.  Thank You Stampin' Up and
Happy Holidays Everyone!  Lynda


Benwah said...

What are the measurements for making the box? I love the idea of kids popping up from the box.

Cresta Mannie said...

This is so cool! :)