Sunday, April 5, 2015

Boy Scout Pinwheels from PaperPumpkin June 2014 kit

My husband told me he needed some name tags for the Boy scout dinner he was having.  The prievious year was a centerpiece  that all the kids participated making each of the medallions.  So, how to design a name "tag" that kids could participate in making....hmmmm.

Then the lightbulb moment!.  The pinwheel set from PaperPumpkin from this past year June kit was perfect for it.  I proposed it to my husband and he was all for it.  The pinwheels are summer sun and blue paper that I glued back to back to make it double sided.  I used the straw and the brad and clips from the kit- the mechanisms- and used toilet paper rolls for the base- I always save them for after school clubhouse program that are always in need of them for their craft projects anyway.
I printed out some boyscout logo from the internet and used MDS to print it out and punched it out with a circle punch to fit the center of the brad and it looked great!  The kids used gluedot to stick it on.
 I cut out some thick foam that had come from one of the packages I got from something and hot knife cut it into a circle to fit the bottom and sticky taped it in place before the kids got there.  The toilet paper rool wascovered in same blue paper and the names were diecut using the Little Letters thinlits so they could diecut out their own names.  We then diecut the fleur de Lis (from Michael Strong that I bought years ago just for this purpose) in Gold foil sheets and used multiliquid tombo glue to stick it on. 
then the roll was weighed in with 20 pennies each and then they inserted the straw into a circle chipboard- I used the ends from the some of the Dpaper packs- the real hardy ones - I think this one came from the glimmer sheets or the window sheet- and diecut little circles to fit inside the toilet rolls snugly with the circl in the center to hold steady the straw as shown.

I think it looks like a firecracker going off- perfect for a celebration dinner with each of their names on the side to mark their place.  It was a great fun for the kids to make them.and definitely do-able craft project for the 10 year olds.

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