Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Strawberry Berry Basket

 I have been going nuts with my Berry Basket die.  I have made baskets for almost every occasion we've had since it's debut but I wanted to make a strawberry basket card to go with some fresh farmer's market strawberries I was giving away.
I started with the a 1/2 sheet of Always artichoke.  Cut  the sheet with the entire die and then cut the bottom in half as shown.  You will also need 1/2 of the borderstrip as well.  Cut along the score line already there. I ran it with the woodgrain EF to add texture. I do not like to have things "floating" on cards so I grounded the basket with a 1 inch strip of old olive embossed with polka dots.  I then attached the basket bottom only so I could put berries behind the basket and get a sense of how it was going to look by flipping the basket part open to glue things down.
 To make the berries, you need what is shown here.  I tried different dies and punches to see things would look but I liked this best-  You need 2 different size flowers in Real Read and 1  branch in Old Olive shown from Flower Frenzy.

You also need several Old Olive punched with Bojo Blossom punch and the little flowers from Itty Bitty Punches.  I used the sentiment and frames from From the Garden set for the tag in Artichoke and Real Red.  Pick what works best for you.
 This is how the strawberries are made.  For the smaller flower, the Boho Blossom fits perfectly in the center so you only need one and then punch them out as shown.  The larger flower needs to have the piece moved a bit so I used the left over pieces to make the cap. Stick it on as shown.
 Then use the large oval punch to make the berries separate.  It makes it easier to hold to punch if you leave the flower whole.
 Then you keep going around the petals to make the berries! 
 The last piece can be tucked under the basket so no one will know you didn't have a cap on it- as you can see on the far left and right berries. You mark it up with the white gel pen for seeds.
This is how they look with the berries underneath the basket and some placed on hop with flowers added.    Now, I wanted to add a little filaments in the center of the flower but there was nothing appropriate but then VOILA!
The Perpetual Birthday Calendar stamp set had so many little things you could use for the cent of the flower that I snipped one off (when I want to use it as intended, I can just attach it where it was supposed to go- and you can see exactly where you want to to put it-  the beauty of photopolymer stamps!).  So here at the end is another one I did first before the one above- I was packing the strawberries and one just fell off and I loved how it was sitting by the basket so of course I had to copy nature!  Enjoy! 

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nelda machovsky said...

Love your strawberry basket card. Awesome job! TFS