Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mom's cards

People have asked my how I got interested in doing crafts. Honestly the person who started all this is my mom- she is really crafty- she crocheted entire bedspreads -some from thicker yarn but some from lace-like ones- she made much of my clothes when I was growing up- out of necessity mostly but still no small feat- trying to raise 4 children and work outside the home trying to support the family-

I showed her some Japanese dolls I was working on for some of my asian cards and this is what she sent me- the student just blew the teacher away- my cards were like these figures just standing under a stamped tree- and she took vellum and made a parasol with punched flowers on it and changed the girl some too- Isn't she adorable?

I also gave her some embossing plates and origami paper and this is what she sent me- I tell you she just floors me- If only she did not live on the other side of the continent in Florida, where every senior east of Mississipi river seems to retire to, imagine what the two of us could do together.... sigh.

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