Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyler's birthday card for Uncle Rodney

Tyler is my 7 year old- he loves water - here he is a few weeks ago at our 7am walk on the beach at Capitola where we went for their Begonia Festival and spent the whole weekend hanging out at the beach and he was in the water from dawn to dusk every day that we were there. Once when he was four years old, he told me that when he grows up he wanted to live in Capitola- and you know, I've gotta believe him!

This is a card he made for his uncle who will be turning fifty this week- He came into my room and asked if he can use my "paper" and proceeded to take out my shimmery white CS- that I save for special occasions- and grabbed my markers and went on to draw the volacano and the little huts and the palm trees. He then told me he wanted lava to flow from it.
Unfortunately he had cut the card to a weird dimension, it's about 7 by 4 1/2 or so, so I had to make a back and do the slide out card with the stampin'Up bag cut into a small strip as a mechanism to make it work.

and here it is!
He wrote the pull here on the bottom and Happy Birthday uncle Rodney on the lava he cut out.
Mommy stamper is so proud of her little stamper boy! Maybe he will want all the thousands of stamps and supplies his mom has amassed over the years? Not!
I just love the way that he just grabs things and plays with it instead of hoarding like some of us- and you know who you are.....- much to learn from the 7 years olds.

Have a nice week!

The title picture of my blog is a picture that I took at the Venetian Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Capitola. I usually get up really early to have some time to myself and this was what I was looking at with the cool salty ocean breeze on my face while I was working on my christmas cards - and yes I am one of those people- this year's card is a little complicated and I will need all the time in the world to get it done by christmas- I usually make about a hundred or so for all my friends and family with whom I am not so good about staying in touch the way I want to due to family and work demands on my time. I thought- Gosh, this is how I want to grow old, just sitting right here- my family sleeping all sleeping peacefully in the room and me quietly stamping....

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Carol G. from MN said...

What a very creative young man ~ keep encouraging him, or enabling him, whatever!