Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween school gifts

Halloween is fast coming upon us and my kids always look forward to this time of the year. Costumes.... candy.....jack o Lanterns.... It's kid's dream. I really try to teach my kids about healthy eating and try to discourage candy giving since everyone gets so much of it- I tried the toy and playdoh route although it was not popular at Halloween- I keep trying!

For school I made a little thank you gift for the teachers- a little magnetic notepad I picked up at the local store, with a matching pencil, I placed the bat topper- directions given previously and put it in a halloween bag and tied it with SU's gorgeous ribbon and with a llittle tag. a simple but hopefully useful gift. We have such great teachers at our school- with the budget cuts in the california state, they really are getting shafted and we need to really show our support and write to Arnold and tell him to stop cutting our school budget!

These are 20 pencils and bat toppers for Tyler's class- better for their teeth than candy! - stick the bats on with sticky tape- everything else came undone! The container held some candy from someone I am recycling.

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