Friday, October 3, 2008

Simply Sent Kits

For World Card Making Day, Stampin' Up is having 20% off on their simply sent card elements and kits. this is one of my classes I will be offering later this month. It takes Flower Power Card elements -20% off at $12.76 for 1 week only and it comes with colored cardstock, 2 sheets of double sided cardstock and all these cute adhesive die cuts, ribbons and buttons!- and it has a coordinating stamp set Wow Flowers to boot at just $12.95 for 4 stamps. So with this kit and less than 1/2 a package of note cards-about $3 for 10 cards and envelopes, and 1/5 package of small open end envelopes $1.50- I was able to make 3 different cardholder boxes with 4 different notecards in each with very little work except cutting and gluing. And I still have gobs of paper left over. I was thinking about making little gift card enclosures with my SU scallop envelop and folded cardstock to add to this sweet package. This is the 3x6 card gift box.

This is the upright note card holder closed and open.
and this is the one sheet notecard holder with the little belly band with stamped sticker.
I was planning my stamping buddies to order the kits while they're on sale and hold a class later this month on how to put it together with all the templates- I'll have to hold that secret until my class though....teehee... A girl's got to make her living right?
so for a little over 20 bucks-not counting the stamp set- you get 3 very pretty gift boxes and cards inside- not bad!

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Janet said...


I love these! You are so creative. Can you bring them to the next Stamp n' Chat so I can see them IRL?