Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A gift for Helen and X-mas card prep

Helen is a friend of mine who has been working with me since Tyler was born and taking classes from me for eons- I wanted to make her a special gift for the holidays so here it is.

I got the tins at the oriental trading company with inserts (one insert will be enough for many many tins). as the handle does not separate I made a template (by trial and error) the shape of the lid and the approximate slit I would have to make to fit the handle through (you make slits that resembles a capital I) then ran the paper through the xyron to get it really sticky and put it on- other alternatives include using mod podge or other glues and it seals it and gives you more play time and move the paper around a bit but I like to really STICK IT DOWN and fast so I just find that xyron works best for me.

I took another piece and wrapped it around the tin- the bottom is the reverse side of the same double sided paper- It's already a matching set so no thinking involved- LOVE IT! I did come to the front and cut the closure opening with a sharp blade as I stuck it down- I have made a template for this and played with it. This project requires 2- 12x12 sheets to cover it as you will need 2 strips to go around the body. (try to keep the seams on the side) Try to peel just a little of the sticky strip backing before you place it down otherwise you have a big sticky paper sticking to everything. I sticky stripped a 5/8 red grosgrain ribbon and place a square gem in the middle- from Martha of course at Michaels- It has really clear nice quality crystals for projects like this that you want to keep for a while and definitely worth the price.

I used extra paper to cover the inserts and used the round tab punch to make labels. There is celebrate, thank you and birthdays- I figure that's what most people use cards for. I laminated the whole thing to make it extra sturdy with my Xyron and then punched wholes and put eyelets to make the tabs extra sturdy. I put a bunch of different cards I have been making along the way in a variety I hope she finds useful. She really works hard for me and I really appreciate her friendship.

Another altered project- hope you like it. It can be decorated to suit any theme or personal preference. I've made one for my dearest friend and soul sister Julia, mom, sister Chris and brother Pete and for my family I made them pick the paper and it really surprised me what they picked and liked but now all I have to do is send them a pack of cards to refresh their stash every year. It's a great gift idea and I get to do what I love which is make the cards and I don't feel that I need to hoard them (as much) and get them to people who will actually put them to good use instead of them collecting dust in my "Card Museaum" as Julia puts it. It's win win.

For those of you wondering why I have not been blogging as much - here's a little peak at my dining table right now. Yes, it is the day before Christmas- no it will not make it out on today's mail- I only got a handful out so far- I think it will be after New Year before I get the rest of them out- I'll show you the inside after the New year when I know it will not be a surprise for the folks on the list.

Have a Merry Christmas!



mtfalco said...

Love your thoughtful tin gift and your photo xmas cards!

Marisa said...


Janet showed me the inside of your Christmas card and it's absolutely jaw dropping! I don't know how you find the time!!!! It is a work of art.