Thursday, January 15, 2009

After the Holiday Blues and my Holiday Card

I've been looking at some blogs where they have these beautiful basements or rooms with living rooms where they are designing their scrapbooking and stamping room from floor up and wonder when I can have something like that. When I lived in my other house I had a table and stuff under this bed and that and sometimes I would buy duplicates because I forgot I bought it and put it away some place. Now I have a study where I do my stamping and I have sworn to keep my things limited to this room but it seems no matter how much space or table I have I only seem to have 12x12 inch space to stamp- so as embarrassed as I am- here is the state of my stamping room. papers and fabrics piled up 2 feet deep with scraps of paper and albums and cards to embellish galore. So go ahead- laugh at me- no matter how bad your stamping space may be- now you can say- Lynda's is worse.

I've been in a bit in a funk since the holidays overwhelmed by the daunting task of cleaning this up. I am - get ready for this- ready to part with some of my long acquired things -sob- sniff- to make room for MORE STUFF! I've been working on my party this weekend trying to come up with new cards and playing with some of my new and old sets and getting my groove back and feeling energized by the excitement of it- although my catalogue has not yet arrived yet!

So here is my Holiday card- I love 3 D and moving cards- I have been following Robert Sabura and his books are my kids favorites- here is his pop ups you can make site:

I love this stuff and wish they had dies I can use instead of having to cut them out by hand.

Circle cutter - ribbon and pine stamp by SU

the greetings on bottom from PTI

This is the inside: it is a pop up house I made using a book I saw by Robert Sabura- I flipped some things around and changed some windows and door dimensions. The door from Stampendous, Lovely as a tree from SU, and lots of stickles on the wreath, the tree inside the window. I used rolls and rolls of sticky tape to make sure it would hold. The background is memories white paint then stamped with lovely as a tree in artichoke then lots of dazzling diamonds.

This is how it looks from the front. I punched each and every star and circle. the window punch is from creative memories. I was punching each square at a time until I discovered this punch.

This is the detail of the inside- I had picture of the family taken and slipped it inside the door and there is a tree with lots of stickles ornament inside.

Although it was a lot- and I mean A LOT of work- now you know why I've been working on it since March- I sqeal with delight when people open it and are totally surprised.

Hope you like it- I was going to make next year's card really simple but if I can get sizzix to come out with a good sleigh die then maybe .....hmmm... you'll have to wait and see!


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mtfalco said...

ok, i just took a pic of one wall in my craft room and it looks very similar. I think i could give you a close run for your money. haha. Love the xmas card!