Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My punch window sheet

I have a lot of punches- I have never met a punch I did not want to take home- although space is always the issue- and when one of my friends made a small ringed book with a punch on each card I thought it was a great idea until I tried to use it- I had to flip over bunch of different ones until I finally got to the one I wanted then if it did not fit, I had to flip over a bunch of other ones to find one that did- DROVE ME MAD!

You know about me and time!

so here is my little 2 cents worth punch template- I have 2 of these made from half sheet of cardstock- the middle ones had to be squeaked in by folding the paper some and getting it in the center- not that hard- then I laminated the whole thing - so the wrinkle from the folding doesn't even show.

Now I have this 2 little sheet that I just move around to see what fits the image I want- see the small tag with the bee? Just perfect!

Are the words too tall or not? Perfect! I keep these on my shelf and it takes up virtually no space and I keep grabbing for it all the time. Although now with the new punches coing out I think I am going to have to make a third one- oh well. The laminate keeps it clean and sturdy and this certainly is one of my favorite tools. Try it for yourself and see!

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