Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I have a drug rep buddy whose wife is a sales person for salons in the bay area- I have many friends who spend many hundreds of dollars on beauty products and regimens every month- (and they certainly look great) and we joked that his wife would not like me very much as my beauty regimen consists of my $1o oil of olay that I buy at costco once a year. But I do love getting a pedicure - although with the economic times as they are, I probably get it done once or twice a year and making do on my own. But this weekend my little sister from New York was visiting and we decided to treat ourselves to a salon pedicure and what the heck I decided to hang it all out there for our new incoming president. I do not mean any disrespect by painting his name on my toenail- I am just celebrating a historical day in this country and hoping that there really will some changes in this country where unemployment has now hit the all time high in 14 years- with many people and families in desperate situations- fearful of losing homes adn health care. I am kind of hopeful and excited to see where Obama will lead us....... the poor man with all the world's weight and eyes on his shoulders......

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