Sunday, January 10, 2010

How To- Scallop trim border and corner punch EASY

I am great at math but sometimes a bit dense about some things. I had just received by scallop trim edge punch and did the calculations for the scallops but when I did my workshop a few days later I had not had a lot of time to play with it and made the problem much bigger by demonstrating it in the complicated way that I alway seem to make some things.
The reason the given dimensions work is that it is pretty close to what you will have for the final product.
So this is a step by step as to how to use the punches the EASY WAY.
The only rule you have to remember is that the corner of the paper needs to line up with the corner of the punch.
You should be punching out the scallops and the scraps you get should look like the stuff seen on the last picture here.
Just slide in the paper to the corner as shown and punch out a corner. Rotate and do the same on all 4 corners.

If you do 4 scallop side, you will not need to use a borderpunch at all, just the 2 corners.

After you punch all 4 sides, you will have some unpunched sections as you can see on the left.

This is where you bring in the longer border punch. You can line up the punched images in the front but sometimes they are a tiny bit off for small pieces so I prefer to line up the loops in the back so I don't cut into them and then punch the unpunched section out.
Forget punching a corner and then doing the sides as I was doing at my workshop. It screwed everything up and it was really hard to get everything matched up- sorry Folks!
This is a thousand times easier.

See? Perfect loops and it was easier than saying scallop trim punch!
See yesterday's post to get the exact dimensions for the perfect scallop trim frames.

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