Monday, June 14, 2010

Sachi's Samples and my real reason for workshops

I have a workshop every month with a few core of friends and others that come and go and after every workshop they say-"thank you for having us over, it must be so much work for you, thanks for doing all this, etc etc." but the truth is that I do this for ME.

I get so energized by their excitement and creativity that I feel that I lose my moho without their enthusiasm.

Wanting to show them all the new techniques and things going around makes me a better stamper and keeps me excited about what I am doing.

One of the dearest friends in my group is Sachi. She brought a bunch of things she made and CASED from different places and I just loved it and she gave me persmission to share them with you - This is a little box with the scallop flower on top with ribbon that wraps around to hold the box together. I love the chocolate corduroy brad in the center of the yellow flower with the brown polka dot- so cheery and sweet - just like Sachi herself!

Happy Monday!


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