Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day

My babies have grown up so much- I remember when they were so small they fit in the palm of my hands 6 weeks premature barely over 4 pounds and they are going to school for the first time. It's such a big milestone....
Tyler is entering 4th grade and he has a full day ahead of him. Although I try to pack mostly reasonably health lunch, occasionally I like to sneak a little something for a surprise(he has such a bad sweet tooth!). The little sentiment from afterthought was perfect. I separated the afterthought so I could you the sentiment 2 ways. I diecut the Scallop Rectangle note (stampin up clearly sizzlet die ) first and then stamped it in tangerine, his favorite color. I love this die- takes up no space at all and is perfect for a little note or tag anywhere!
The kindergarten classes ask that we bring in a towel with the kid's names on them for laying down for naps in the middle of the day and I wanted to give them a plush one so it would be comfy. Dylan wanted yellow towel and Kyle wanted space theme which I could not find anywhere. So the compromise is the space fabric - I adhered the fabric adhesive onto the fabric and diecut using Serif Essential Big Shot Dies- I remember hand cutting letters in the past using templates- this is gazillion times easier- so quick- and it cut like butter through both layers- ironed it on then satin stitched around the letters- that part took forever but I am planning these guys to take these to college! If you are going to take the time to do something, take time to do it right! as they say.
Happy first day of school!

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