Monday, December 31, 2012

My little reversible bag

I don't know about you but where I live they don't give out bags any more when you shop.  You either bring your own or buy their paper bags for 10 cents a pop (feeding a family of 5 takes a lot of grocery bags).  So I do bring my own most of the time but I like having a little one rolled up in my purse in case I forget so I have been playing with this idea of a little bag I can put in my purse and here was my attempt at it.  There are lots of instruction on line and I certainly do not prefess to be an expert so I will just show you some of my triumphs and failures.  This was my final piece.  I used one pack of the designer fabric to make one bag.  I took the button fabric and stitched the right sides together to make the outside and the  orangish fabric the same to make the inside lining.  I cut up the stitch design to make the handles, the top border, the pockets and the left over loops and tab for the button and the closure mechanism. 
 I did learn to put the mechanism on one side so when you try to close it it does not gape open. And I put a little pocket on the inside using the last bit of fabric left over.  Both the pockets are completely finished so no raw seams on the inside. 
I wanted to make the outside pocket big enough so that I could flip the bag inside it to fold it flat instead of rolling it and this one worked.
 This was one of my first tries at the bag- I liked it for the most part.   Makani, my girlfriend said that she wished that she had a pocket inside the one she had for her wallet or keys so it does not fall to the bottom when she's at the market. So I tried. 
I liked how the pocket continued the handle but what was funny is that it was too narrow and I could not get my fat hands into it to grab anything.  That's why the final bag has the pocket going side ways.

I  loved playing with the fabric and now I ordered some more- how could I resist?  Maybe I will make a little blanket using this sweet fabric just for moi!  So I can have sweet dreams under my Sweet Stitches!

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