Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adventure balloons

Mykids love, I mean LOVE balloons. I've hired a balloon artist every time I have help a birthday party for my kids at home or park where I could do this. I've even learned to do some basic shapes myself. But, yesterday we went to Appleby's on Saratoga Ave near 280 in SanJose and a guy was working there- unfortunately did not get his name but WOW, was he fabulous!

He blew everyone I've met out of the water. He made cinderella and a snow white with an apple in her hand, big giant spiders, supersoakers, I have not seen someone with more repertoire of balloon shapes.

He made this giant spider with yellow eyes with hot wheels fire printed on it and Tyler just loved it and pretended to be attacked by it.

Dylan refused to say what he wanted until Tyler's was completely made and then he says " I want a worm, a black one, all squiggly like this" making a zigzag with his hands. I thought a worm? what is the point of that? just one long balloon! but look what he did with his request!

Dylan put him to sleep on one of his blankets last night with a pillow under his head- saying "good night, Wormie" and gave him a kiss.

It was so sweet.

Kyle asked for " a propodile, a breen one- A DARK breen one " he says. and this is what he made him.

I saw him go around the room and make some amazing shapes and things. I did not get his name but did get his card. They have a web site at

Dale thought maybe Tyler will be too old for this on his next birthday but I beg to differ. If you could see how much he loved his balloon spider, you would know too. I will certainly be using them for my next birthday party.


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