Friday, November 20, 2009

Scenic scene Mirror Image tecnique

When I saw this stampset Scenic scene I knew I wanted to make a mirror image card.
The technique has been updated somewhat from how I originally learned and it is so much easier I thought I would share it with you.
I separated the image from the word so that I could use the stamps separately as shown here.
You can go hog wild with the background but I wanted to keep it simple for this one.

First ink the stamp using artichoke pad then use versamark pen to blot the ink off the bird then color in with real red marker. Then stamp the image onto the glossy cardstock right side up where you want the image.

Do the same thing but this time stamp onto a large enough window sheet or some clear smooth clear surface.

Flip the image upside down with the (inked side to the cardstock) to mirror the original stamped image and the rub the window sheet to transfer the ink onto the cardstock.

This is how it should look. The mirror image will not be as solid but that is EXACTLY what you want.

I think a horizon line is helpful to define the spaces so I used a scrap piece of cardstock to mask the water line and used a dauber to apply some navy ink to create a horizon line.

This is sort of how it should look.

I sponged some bordering blue onto the water first to darken the mirror image horizontally to create a softer image.
then I sponged the right side up image from the edge to to soften the edges as well. After I do all the sponging then I stamp the image ( so the sentiment has no chance of smudging)

Voila, the final card- and it really took less than 2 minutes.

Happy Stamping!

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