Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!
The other day I wanted to do a craft with my kids and we decided to make some punch turkeys that I saw that I thought was so adorable here by Pam Strobel at
Thought you may enjoy it too.
It uses
2 -scallop circles punch in close to cocoa-front body and back -( need a butt to cover up all the messy feathers if free standing)
1- 1" circle piece in chocolate chip for face
2- 1/2 " circles for whites of eyes
1-1/2" circle in creamy caramel cut in half for the eyelids
2-1/4" circles in black for the eyes
1- boho blossom flower in pumpkin for the beak
1-boho blossom flower cut as shown for the red thing hanging by the beak- what is that called?
bunch of 5 petal flower punched in mustard, pumpkin, chocolate chip, dusty durango and really rust for the feathers - I cut it so I can get more feathers out of it but you can just stick it on without cutting if you want.
1- snowflake punched in chocolate chip for the feet.

We had so much fun with it - the kids liked it that they were running around with it free standing making gobbling noises.
You could hang a sign on its neck that says "eat beef", put it on top of a menu or stick it on a folded cardstock to make a cute place card as Pam did.
You could also stick a small round peppermint patty between the bodies to make a Thanksgiving treat- after dinner or otherwise.

This was Dylan, my 5 year old's version- - "this is a mad turkey because we're gonna eat 'im!" he says....
I love the expression on his eyelids.
I have a lot to be thankful for, a great husband, healthy kids and family, a steady job that I love, good friends to share my work and obsessions.....
Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families!

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