Monday, November 23, 2009

November Swap from Janet

There are people that you meet and see a facet of them and then you learn more about them and realize what a gem that person is and make you want to get to know more about that person.

Janet Pulskamp is one of them. When I was invited to joint the local stamping group my friend Diedre said -" there is a doctor in the group!"' and then I saw that it was Janet whom I have met through local women's medical group but never realized what a talent she has. She always has such clean styling and balance, you can recognize instantly that it has the "Janet touch".

I received this swap at the last stamp n chat and she's given me permission to post it here for you all- and you know that I will be casing this totally for one of my stamping workshops- Actually, you can't say case if you are not changing anything, can you?.(lol)... all right I will be replicating it! (as a Star Trek fan would say...)

Love the color scheme! Love love love the slit punch detail at the top! This is one of my favorite sets from the mini Wandering Words and hope to be using it for my own valentine cards so thank you Janet for another beautiful card idea!


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