Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flower hairclips for Gabrielle

Keeping with the flower theme, I wanted to make some hairclips for a little girl in my sister's
life and I remembered little hairclips made with the crocheted flowers. I've made plenty myself but love the flourette's from Stampin Up. She wanted the pink ones and as I already had the ones from last year already in the soft pink, I used them instead of having to dye the white flourettes in the current catalogue which would have been just a pretty.
I purchased a set of hairclips from Targ*t in assorted colors and punched a hole in it as shown using the crop-a-dile smaller holepunch.

It punches not quite like butter but pretty easily.

Take a flower- here I used flourettes I ( but you could use felt flowers just as well) and put a circle fire rhinestone brad in the center.

Put the brad through the hole you just punched and splay it open as shown. I tried it on and you can't really feel the brad "legs" at all. and that's it!

Aren't these cute? I am sending two of the pink ones for Gabs - I hope she likes it. She is so sweet- she asks my little sis when I am coming out to visit and stamp with her again- If only I could but NYC is on the other side of the continent....

It would be so nice to visit everyone more than just on holidays....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda- I like the flower clips you made for me! I really do............. Love Gabrielle. PS I want to see you!!!!! I really do.......