Monday, April 26, 2010

Tyler's 9th Birthday party favors

Tyler said he wanted his birthday party at a miniature golf course but then he wanted a lego theme. Then he went and picked out a army tank and little men cake after we decided that we were going to send out Blast off cards with rockets for invitation- to say the least I was a bit confused about the theme. But I guess the little guy has a right to pick whatever he wants for his birthday.

Anyhow, my DH found little Lego figurine keychains - which was not cheap mind you- so it was hard to stay within budget for favors, so I added little Lego candies I found at D*ddums and a space pencil I had planned after he picked the space theme at the beginning- I guess it could be construded as a Star Wars, Lego theme, eh?

Well, after he said he wanted a lego theme, I looked high and low for any Lego stamps that I could use to no avail. So I took one of their Lego plates that are made for a base of a building to see if I could get an impression. I tried paper and although this was the thinnest Lego plate I could find, it CS went to shreds no matter what paper I used and even when I wet it. So I gave up on that idea and just tried some heavy duty aluminum foil that comes with food delivery for the metal lego blocks accent I have to use a empressor to make the bumps look more like the lego bumps but I did not think it looked too bad. You can even see the name Lego on the bumps if you look close enough. But the layers through the big shot has to be done carefully so it is not such a hard impression that it will cut through the bumps.

This is a detail of the favor- The stamps are from Her* arts I got many years ago.

My little take on the thank you cards tomorrow.


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really cute! :)