Saturday, July 24, 2010

Redoing the clingmount instructions for Stampin' up

You all know I love clingmounted stamps and have been converting my woodmounted to cling YEARS before Stampin Up finally came around to the idea. I am super glad that they did keep the rubber because the images from rubber is so much nicer than the clear stamps that are also quite popular now days and vary in quality quite a bit.
But I myself and others have complained that the stamps with the clingmount, once the image is put on the back with that clear image seems to not cling as well as the gray clingmount foam without the image.
But I really like having the image in the back so I can see what I am stamping- hence the popularity of the "clear" stamps.
So, although this is a little extra work, I want to show you my semi-solution to this. It is a bit more work but I think worth the effort in the long run.

I first trim the extra rubber around the edge with the scissors at an angle so I will not cut into the foam surface side- you will trim a little of the foam but try not to cut off the base because you want to keep as much of the cling base surface area as possible.
I also had trouble with mounting the clear sticker on the back and getting it centered just right- you know what happens to your eyes after 40?
So this part is the extra work- I trim the sticker sheet as tightly to the image as possible as shown- you can see the diecut margins so it gives you about 1/8-1/4 inch clearance all around. I did this while watching TV and it went really fast.

Then I pull off one side of the sticky side cover- it is always scored like this which makes it easy. It gives you the other side to hold onto and makes centering it on the foam much easier.

I put the sticky on the back of the stamp as it should be- watching the orientation. So half will be stuck and the other half can be lifted as shown.

Now that you have the sticky exactly where you want it, you can just peel of the other half of the sticky and stick it on the grey foam.

This is what it looks after after you place the sticky on completely.

I think this is much easier and exact than trying to put the stamp onto the sticker with the sticky side up as they instructed because the sticker always seem to pull up from the cling for me and I just had a lot of trouble with it.

Now just peel off the backing and you have a perfectly placed image with clearance around the edge of the stamp of the just grey foam cling and it seems to just cling better.

Care for the raw grey cling is the same- rinse off if you lose the cling to rid of dirt.

The card at the beginning is a simple take ten card thank you for my customers this month- using vintage wallpaper embossing folder on Poppy cardstock- I can see that it will be my go to color this year. The dotted scallop ribbon border is just perfect! The image is from the Cute by the Inch hostess set stamped in Poppy ink on whisper white and mounted on Crumbcake CS punched with scallop square punch and the whole thing mounted with a dimensional to raise it up a bit. Another easy peasy card. I have a few variation ideas on this I will show you another time.


Andrea Clayton said...

Lynda, Thanks for the tip. I do have a question though. Why is it necessary to cut into the rubber if essentially cuting the picture sticker a little smaller to allow some of the gray foam is what will make the stamp cling better?

Lynda said...

Thanks Lynda! I have never known another Linda spelled Lynda as I am!

Josie Dean said...

if you just heat up your block before applying stamp it will stick no worries... I either use heating tool or rub on my pants...