Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camping in Northern California

Near Eureka in northern California are some of the most beautiful redwoods in the country. Ladybird Johnson Grove, Founders grove, so many places to explore with trees with bases as big as your house that are hundreds if not thousands years old. This is where we go every summer to meet friends and hang. We go to Fern Canyon- where they filmed some parts of Jurassic Park movies as it does look absolutely prehistoric with ferns growing and toppled trees and icy clear mountain water underfoot.

My kids even did a junior ranger tour on 'Who's pooping in the forest?'- I thought with all their talk of poop related things they would love it- we saw Banana slugs, deer and elk patties - fresh mind you! to name a few- but I am not sure they were as into it as they talk it. After seeing deer pellets I am totally off milk duds!

We checked out Agate Beach this time and this is the view from the top where we parked the car - and where the bathroom was- looking down at the beautiful beach - no matter how many times you ask your kids- make sure you go before you go down- there is always that ONE that has to go as soon as you are down there - right?

We also visited a replicated authentic Indian village - complete with a hand carved canoe and a dancing pit which my kids climbed all over.

and the Elk that roam the prairies that are just beautiful- I am teaching my 6 years olds to read- DAN GER and lots of other fun signs for them to read..... DO NOT ENTER... CLIFF EDGE.....BEARS.... TICKS....

I am looking forward to one day my DH saying- "honey, I am taking the boys camping this weekend- what will you do without us? " hmmmmm....

enjoy the outdoors!


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Raven said...


As a resident of Eureka, I am so happy to see someone else who enjoys the beauty that nature has to offer here in our back yard! Our family had to move to San Francisco for a few year to deal with an illness, but as soon as my oncologist said we could move back to Humboldt, we did! I love raising my daughter here, and it makes me so happy and proud to see how others love it here too!
PS-a hint for your next visit to agate beach-check the parking lot. Tons of parents have kids empty their pockets before they get in their cars. e always find some keepers!