Sunday, August 12, 2018

I hope Stampin' Up is listening....

I am getting old.  I can't seem to see a darn thing without my glasses and God knows I have more than 20 of them lying about the house but can't find one when I need it - only to find that it is on top of my head all along.   So I have this little complaint about the Stampin' Blends.  The top is the way it used to be labeled.  So dark I can't make out what the color or shade it is without some magnifying. 

Then they improved it by making it a little lighter so it is easier to see- that's the middle one.  Now I do see that there is one of those bars for scanning on it that is a large patch of white.  I think they need to do that with the name of the color and the shade.  Sometimes when I see a lone marker on its side I can't tell if it is calypso coral or pumpkin pie, or ivory or Crumbcake Light.  so I took the label maker- and finally figured out how to use the smaller font deal - and printed out the names and put one on both sides of the blends so I can see it without having to have my glasses. 
It was a pain in the butt to label it all so I'm hoping that Stampin' Up will take old folks like me into consideration and label the markers with larger black font on a bright white space on both sides of the markers. 

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