Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bella Rose Notebook

This is a little notebook I covered with Bella Rose DD paper and embellished with Dreams du Jour images. I just love this whole Sweet Bella line- so girly- having been a tomboy all my life who would have thought it? but being surrounded by testosterone - husband, 3 boys- and the only other girl in my house- Nikki our calico cat finally passed away- but she was almost 20 - I am the sole source of estrogen in this household now- at least until my ovaries give out on me.
Anyhow, you can pick up one of these school notebooks for a song before start of school. I covered it with bella rose on the front and inside covers and the back with matching cardstock I stamped with some inspirational words. I covered the seam with red grosgrain. Stamped Dreams du Jour with black and colored it in to coordinate- then put a clear rhinestone brad in the center of the flower and tacked it on using a bunch of glue dots to really hold and a butterfly to the left to covere th end of the ribbon- you know no matter how cleanly I cut it there is alway that potential for tatter- and you all know what a neat freak I am- but I like the butterfly there anyway.
It would make a lovely book to jot down your ideas, journal, cute things that your kids say that you just KNOW you will remember - but you never do just write it down!
I like this one so much I think I'm going to keep it. But it would make a lovely gift for someone special with a matching pen.....

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