Friday, April 24, 2009

Stampshop hopping in Seattle

Do you ever feel like you are living your life one deadline after another? Well that is how I have been living my life the last few weeks- Blogging somehow ended up being that thing I love to do but as there is no deadline per se, everything seem to be ahead of it in priorities- but I am back!

I was at the Regional Meetings in Seattle last weekend and what do I love to do more than taking in the sites of the city? Stampshop Hopping! And you CANNOT go to Seattle without stopping by Amuse store- It was closing at 5 and I booked there from the convention center to barely get there in time but it was worth the drive. Icould not get a shot of the storefront without the reflection but it is a super cute store with ALL the amuse stuff and other adorables to touch and feel. Literally a kid in the candy store!

Look at all these yummies on the wall!
I had a picture taken with Linda the owner- she said that her husband calls her Linda Lu and was so super nice- she gave me impeccable directions to Impress store in University Village- my next stop-
My in-laws are from Seattle so Tyler had his first haircut at Kidz - a toy store cum hair salon for kiddies and right across the walkway is Impress- and they were having their annual sale to boot! So yes, I bought some paper and a few stamps I've been eyeing much to the dismay of my poor little suitcase-

Next day I went to the Impress in Tukwilla - closer to the airport- and you know what? It was a great store- if you only have a chance to go to one Impress, that one would be it! There is also a paper source down the street which is really cool for all sorts of paper too. and you know what ? I always say I never win anything but when I got home, I got a call from Impress saying that I won one of the raffle items for a tonic border punch- Of course they will charge shipping to send it to me but hey! This is my first win ever- I am not even sure that the thing I won is even worth the cost of shipping -but I may have to frame this one to prove I may not be totally bad luck after all!

Samples to follow in the next few days as I get my room back in order to take pics to post!

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