Monday, June 20, 2011

A radically different way to Clingmount SU stamps

There is nothing that frustrates me more than trying to stamp something and have that stamp fall off from the acrylic block because the clingmount was not holding and ruin my image. As much as I LOVE Stampin' Up stamps the plastic image you put on the back often just does not STICK! Arggggh! I wanted it to stick but I also like to see the image especially words - I have stamped things upside down before. So here is my radical approach. It's a bit scary but it does work - at least for the new stamps. The rubber on a new stamp often

do pull aprt from the cling foam as shown in the first image. ( Be gentle and do not ruin the foam- if it does not pull away, I would not try this technique ). I put the foam down on my craft sheet (that does not stick to anything ) with the sticky side down.

Now peel off the paper off the cling side.

I normally would use my Tsukineko tack n' peel but did not have one big enough so used double stick tape on my a large clear block that fit the rubber- and it works just fine.

I stuck the bare rubber stamp onto the tape.

I inked the rubber well with Stazon black - it dries quick and is permanent.

Then I stamped the cling side of the foam putting the rubber exactly over the foam shape - the clear acrylic helps you see!

See? a perfect image.

I clean the stamp with stamp cleaner as soon as possible to get rid of the stazon so it is not permanently black.

then I peel the foam off my craft sheet carefully and place it over the back of the rubber.

A perfect stamp with no plastic to impede the stickiness of the clingfoam. You can trim it now to your heart's content.

Now, if I can have Stampin Up do this instead of me, it would be just perfect!



Kim Score said...

thanks for the tip! I totally agree about the vinyl ruining the cling strength of the stamp. I'm going to try this as I would love to be able to see the words on my word stamps.

ter@waaoms said...

wow that's a great idea! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try it though! Have you contacted SU with this idea???

Diane Barnes said...

Hi Lynda. Thanks for sharing this really brilliant idea.I am so going to try it!

Leanne said...

Thanks Lynda! Great idea. Do you have any difficulty repositioning the rubber onto the foam backing?

I agree ... wish SU would print the image right on the back of the foam. I'm sure they've thought of it but it's cost prohibitive. Although, you would think it would be cheaper than a second printing of the clear vinyl with peel-back?

Anonymous said...

Or you could just borrow the same stamp set from someone else and stamp on the gray with StazOn.

Betty said...

GR8 idea!