Sunday, November 2, 2008

Altered Notebook

I was crazy busy last week at our annual rheumatology conference where 13,000 rheumatologists from around the world descended into town. They have many exhibitors and some of them give out some items with their logo on it. (All of this will change as of Jan 2009 when congress has decided that we doctors are so easily persuaded by all these "gifts" that they won't be able to give out a pen let alone a notepad if it has a produce name on it. ) I'm never one to let a good thing alone though- they were giving out these great sturdy blank notebooks with a plastic cover and hard chipboard base except for the logo.
I saw that the holes were 1/4 inch squares so I pulled a page out and used it as a template and punched the holes, put glue on the back of a designer paper and cut the holes because I wanted to be able to cover others without having to undo the book.
I covered the front and back of the cover logo paper and slipped the ends in and pressed it down with a pencil I slipped into the coils.

This is what the book looked like on the inside cover.

The completed book from the outside. I also covered an RSVP pen with a pice of left over paper I stamped and embossed with pocket silhouette which had a similar image.
Now what to write inside.........
Tell me what you think of it.
Happy November!

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Anonymous said...

Let's just say... YOU ROCK! What a MacGyver attitude and a beautiful end product. hugs... Makani