Monday, November 17, 2008

scallop envelope boxes

This box was one of the projects we made at my workshop this past Friday. I got the orginal idea for this box from a thanksgiving box created by my talented stamping friend Mercedes Weber and I changed it up a bit for the holidays with Frosty DD Paper wrapped around the box and felt snowflakes attached by a brad to craft white ink stamped snowflake onto olive green paper and punched out with scallop punch. I love the Holiday Collections Stamp set from SU and Country Living. It seems pricey at first but it comes with lots of little goodies- Definitely worth it for me.

This was the original cute little box done with Autumn Harvest and Define your life stamp sets.

How to: Take 2 diecut scallop envelopes in ridinghood red.

Tape the bottoms together. Definitely recommend the sticky tape for this one- if you want the box to hold.

cut a 1 1/2x 7 3/4 inch piece of paper in same color and score at 2 1/4 " from both ends to make the middle band.

Put tape on the bottom and sides of the envelope to attach the strip this way as shown.
Decorate with a strip of decorative paper and embellish as you wish. endless varieties and color choices are possible. I think that little stip of DD paper adds so much!

This is how you make the four sided box. This requires no other pieces besides the 4 scallop envelopes.
I started using the premium cutting pad with these dies and find that the sides are scored better without cutting throught like it used to with my acrylic plates- so if you use a lot of this die with the Big Shot, look into it. You will have to play with the shims though to get the right depth of cut. I tried cutting it with the shims that came with it and found that another sheet of SU cardstock worked the best when cutting SU cardstock.

Other papers or cardstock may need less or more depending on their thickness.

ADd another side and another to make the four sided box.

If you are a neat freak like me, you can make your bottom into a pinwheel which makes it a little more sturdy.

And this is the finished box- before the embellishment. From just one sheet of CS and a strip of DD paper! It would make a easy little gift box for a small gift- glitter, glue, brads, or cookies or other edibles, or a box for a chocolate easter bunny and little eggs strewn about come spring? all wrapped up in clear cellophane and tied with ribbon?


Lisa said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I'd seen the measurements elswhere, but I'm a "visual" sorta stamper!

-Susan- said...

LOVE this tutorial!!!!